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  Coconut Oil Lubricant by Green Beauty Cosmetics  

Coconut Oil Lubricant
for Ultimate Natural Pleasure

This coconut oil lubricant is slippery, sensuous and edible, made with organic coconut oil for ultimate natural pleasure! Cocoa butter, avocado and organic sesame oil gives it extra slip, a hint of stevia was added for sweetness, and a dash of organic orange and vanilla for taste and smell. The coconut oil lubricant also works great as a feminine, vaginal moisturizer, and even works as a lip gloss in a pinch, so what more could a girl want?

Coconut Oil Lubricant Benefits:

- Totally natural, made without toxic chemicals

- Feels good, tastes good, smells good

- Slippery without stickiness

- Safe to use internally

- Edible, lightly flavored with natural vanilla and orange oil

- Mostly organic ingredients

- Can be used as a vaginal moisturizer or a sexual lubricant

NOTE: NOT latex friendly!
I can't guarantee that the coconut oil lubricant formula is latex friendly, so if you use condoms, you use it on your own risk!

Another option is to use Polyurethane condoms, such as Durex Supra or Trojan Avanti, which are available at most stores. These do not break down from oil-based lubricants like latex condoms tend to do.

Although less elastic than latex condoms, polyurethane provides a similar feel and strength, without the worry of breakage.

Apply the coconut oil lubricant to vaginal area during sex or as needed to prevent vaginal dryness. Just remember, that if your bedroom is too cold, it may be hard to pump the coconut oil lubricant out since coconut oil and cocoa butter can get a bit too solid under cold conditions. If this is the case, just heat the bottle a bit before use. The easiest way to do this is to keep the bottle under your pillow. That way, the coconut oil lubricant will remain liquid and ready for use.
Or, stick it in a place where the sun hits it, or put it in a pocket, or on top of an electric heating pad, or under your covers. The possibilities are endless...

organic coconut oil,avocado oil, unrefined cocoa butter, organic sesame oil, vitamin E, stevia leaf, lip safe vanilla and organic orange essential oil


Coconut Oil Lubricant
with Organic Coconut Oil

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Coconut Oil Lubricant by Green Beauty Cosmetics

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Coconut Oil Lubricant $15.00/1oz

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS, please order from my ETSY STORE for cheaper shipping!

Coconut Oil Lubricant $25.00/2oz

There are no refunds or exchanges on full sized bottles of coconut oil lubricant . If in doubt,
please buy a sample first!

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What my customers say about the
Coconut Oil Lubricant:

* Love the personal lubricant, very soft and best it is not sticky!!

* Not sure if an appreciation picture would be appropriate for this particular item - let it just be known, it is well appreciated!

* Nice feeling. Has a nice soft scent of coconuty to it. Nice warm feeling.

* Beautiful and enjoyable ... just right!

* Very nice stuff. Has a nice coconutty aroma.

* This stuff is so good, i just can't get enough. It is not over powering and it feels so good ladies. I am comfortable even wearing it during the day. Gives you a nice feeling and scent. I found my lubricant.

* I already know this is good from a previous purchase.* Smells/feels great. Never using anything else again. 'Nuff said.

* OH. EM. GEE!!! Love this! VERY SATISFIED is all I can say! Thanx Mati!

* The most wonderful product and great, fast shipping. Thank you!

* I love this stuff so much!

* Where to begin... This stuff is fabulous! I have tried all kinds of lubricants and have hated every one because they are all the same...too slick at first then way too sticky, super messy, and worst of all synthetic (yuck)! But this stuff is an absolute dream come true! It had just the right amount of slickness, it smells great and best of all tastes great! And instead of feeling like I would never be able to wash it off it rubbed right in and made my skin feel so soft! Oh and girls...since it's edible you can use it on him for that extra somethin somethin ;) I believe my husbands exact words were "This stuff is the bomb"...Nuff said!

* I had originally gotten a sample of this and had to come back for the full bottle! I've even recommended it to others!

* Great communication, fast shipping and awesome product! It smells and tastes yummy, I cant wait to try it out :)

*Wonderful!!! Effective and smells like a day at the beach!!! A++ all the way!!!

* Excellent product & smells great too! I have tried a few natural products but this is the best I have tried...he likes it too ;) Thank you for the fast shipping & wonderful customer service!

* Love this stuff. Simply great.

* Wonderful. Thanks so much.

* i love this product, excellent

* vagina approved

* A+

* Works beautifully and even has a nice light flavor. Love it - thanks!

* Great seller and great products!!

* I have to say this personal lubricant is the best I have ever purchased..Thanks a million and my hubby says thanks also!!

* Really nice.Please consider doing in a "sqeeze bottle" with flip top or easy dispense cap.Will be back.

* Repeat customer!

* Seriously? This stuff is Da Bomb. We love it! So nice and slippery without feeling greasy at all. Totally worth every penny!

* Love this stuff. The best. Wonderful seller.

* Love this stuff. The best. Wonderful seller.

* Wonderful scent and works well!

* Fun to try out, different, but in a good way!

* i love this oil, will be back for more

* It has become a favourite product from your shop and I will order again:-)

* Love this natural approach to a natural problem in women especially post menopause. Great for everyday and also for more intimate occasions. Thank you! Off to order a larger bottle!

* 2nd time purchasing.. Need I say more!

* My second purchase of the same item...need I say more? ; )

Since none of the Green Beauty Cosmetics products have been tested on animals, I assume no liability for any kind of allergic reaction, eruption or any other damages that the products may potentially cause, including (but not limited to) loss of wages, revenues or business, or disappointed expectations of any kind. The customer must agree, before buying the products, that if they are not happy with them, the only solution shall be that they stop using the products. If, however, an allergic reaction or eruption should occur, a full refund for the cost of the products will be given as the only form of compensation. No other form of compensation will be given. So if your skin is super sensitive, please buy only a sample at first and try it with caution!

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